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The Scoop on the Scoopers

John McCormick

By John McCormick

Today I went to have new hearing aids fitted. The very competent technologist started the testing and I thought.... Wow!, what is that awful smell? I thought it smelt sort of like Dog poop. I wondered how anyone could have breath as bad as that, as I could smell it even when on the other side of the room.
When I came home I was saying to my wife I wonder if I should have mentioned something, as there must have been many other clients to follow in the day.
I am really glad I didn't :O) , as tonight as I was going out I smelled it again? Was it me?? :O) .........
It was on my shoe!!. The technician probably thought I had a bad breath :O)
So much for the City Poop and Scoop laws. I think people just walk around carrying these little bags to have you think they really scoop. Or do they just pick it up and throw it wherever?. Who wants to go around carrying bags of stuff that smells as bad as morning breath in confined spaces anyway ? . :O)
It is laying around everywhere on our streets and parks. The Homewood Park is a real mess. Some in neat little bags. . There ought to be a law! I wonder if dogs (and cats)could be trained to carry and scoop for us ? or at least to carry their own little baggies home to their own yards. ? :O)

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