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Lookalikes or Doppelgangers

John McCormick

By John McCormick

“Look- Alikes or Doppelgangers”?

I generally just like people.
Is the picture we see in the mirror really you or I?, or is it who we feel that we are inside and don't see the changes that time has wrought Or is it even that we appear as someone else?

Perhaps at times we have or have had a “Double”???

The first time a man stopped me and said “I know you!! You taught me!””Do you know me?”
I figured that this “challenged” individual had me mixed up with someone else.
Not wishing to disenchant him. I let him go on thinking I was this other person. Since he thought I was a teacher I thought that is OK. As he is not confusing me with someone I wouldn't have liked to have been. (I would have liked to have been a Professor of something :O)

Every time we met or I saw him after that he would give me a great big loud “Hello, how are you! I remember you”.
One day however, I saw him when we were down town and I said “Hello how are you now?” He shouted at me and said “I Don 't Want to Talk to You!!! and he ran away.?? Another day I saw him and it was the same again. So I just dismissed it from my mind thinking he probably needs more help in the group home that he is in now.

A lady said to me the other day “I know you”
I really didn't know her and then thought, this has happened a few times to me, I must have one of those faces.
It made me think some more.... do I have a double or “look- alike?

A few years ago we were in the line at Swiss Chalet we met a young “Challenged” woman from a group home, (We knew her through her mother), She screamed when I just said hello to her. It was very embarrassing at the time, however I thought in a way this was good , they are teaching them to be wary of strangers.

It is only now as I think back that perhaps we have to be wary (or can we) of whom we have as “Look -a -like's” since we may be responsible unwittingly for what they may have said or have done in the past. . ??
Are we “Doubly Responsible” In the final Lineup? :O) John McCormick

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