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Provincial Politics: One Thing Needed to Actually Create Jobs in Simcoe North

Mike Moore

By Mike Moore

The one thing every resident of Simcoe North can likely agree on in this election is that attracting jobs and private enterprise to Simcoe North is the issue that counts. Because if you weren't born into money (Like Dunlop) you'll need to work in the region or consider relocating for gainful employment.

From my position as a company owner and founder with 96% of our products being exported, I can tell you exactly what the region needs for me to hire a few new people. Lower electricity rates would be nice but that won't make a huge difference. A lower provincial corporate tax rate would be good, but entrepreneurs are already taxed fairly, in my opinion. Reducing the size of government and paying off the provincial debt sounds like a good idea but I have to wonder where the cuts will cause crippling bottle necks in the system that we business owners and employees rely on.

No, what every business owner in the region can agree would improve their future prospects is the acceleration of the Highway 404 extension and Highway 12 improvements to provide an alternate route north from the GTA. Not just for visitors, but for freight, business trips to the city and to ease congestion in general. How will our MP propose we mitigate the laws of induced demand for the new infrastructure?

Even opposition MPs can get things done in a minority government. Garfield Dunlop simply has not done enough over the past 15 years to accelerate the construction of an alternate route to Highway 400. I read about his "friendships across the riding" and think why is he not talking about "his accomplishments across the riding?"

On June 12th, I need your help to hire four new employees. Vote for anyone but Dunlop. My preference is Green, but frankly it's like trying to pick a turd up by the clean end.
Michael Moore - planesights/appleofmypie

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