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Fight against Breast Cancer

Cody Koesdibyo

By Cody Koesdibyo

This past weekend we completed an-house gathering for a member recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer and performed a Team WOD (workout of the day).

Sarah Shellswell was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in February and it was something that hit her very hard. Herself and husband have been dedicated CrossFitters for over a year now, and had to take a break from it with the news. Sarah began the process to fight Cancer immediately, including getting treatments.
Despite all odds, herself and her husband have been able to make it back in! They started back up at the beginning of April and she is doing simply amazing. Half way done her treatments at this point, we ran a team WOD wearing our pink Breast Cancer shirts.

The WOD was designed using everyone's most hated movement in honour of Sarah battling her worst enemy. It included Burpees, Wall Balls, Running, Rowing, Skipping, Med Ball Cleans, Kettle Bells, Walking Lunges, and Pistols. We tackled each exercise as a team and had a blast. Sarah pushed through the entirety of it with high spirits and with the support from her CrossFit family cheering her.

Tthe CrossFit community is one of the inspirational things that a lot of people in the health/fitness world miss out on. We just wanted to do something to show our support and prove we're with her all the way in her battle.

If there would be any way to have this story submitted, it would mean a great deal to myself. The family/cult/communal aspect of the CrossFit life is often overshadowed.


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