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The Kindness of Strangers

Shelley Sheffield

By Shelley Sheffield

On Saturday afternoon, November 28 I was turning right onto Atherley Road from East Street when my vehicle stalled. The alternator was dead and the battery followed suit as a result. I went to the closest house, owned by the proprietors of All Rrrr's Fish and Chips (best fried mushrooms I have ever eaten) and asked for help. A young man immediately brought out a battery pack to charge my battery. As he hooked it up, another car stopped and a man got out to help. His lovely wife waited patiently in the car as he took over with his battery pack since I drained the first one used by the young man. He hooked it up as two more cars stopped to help. At this point we boosted me several times but couldn't keep it running. Then his battery pack was drained. He helped the other two men push me off the road. I didn't have the sense to ask his name before he left but he said he lived on East St. The other two men, Tylor Gabourie and another true gentleman driving a Ford wagon who lives on Moffatt took over and proceeded to push, boost, boost, boost, and follow me as I tried to get home. After too many boosts and too much time I insisted we stop and I would phone my husband at work. They reluctantly agreed and the pushed my heavy vehicle onto a side street, past the fire hydrant and up an incline to a proper parking spot. I was so overwhelmed with gratitude and stress I neglected to ask the one gentleman with the Ford wagon his name. I know he ice fishes and delivers pizza and wore outdoorsman-type overalls with an aeropostale sweatshirt. Tylor gave me his name at the end as he recommended a local mechanic. These four gentleman and the sweet patient wife made such a difference to me. Their unselfishness, kindness, generousity and true caring touched me and eased my stress and worry. If you know any of these people, please let them know once again how grateful I am and treat them well. They are good people.
Sincerely, Shelley Sheffield

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