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O Christmas Tree

Jasmine Svanda

By Jasmine Svanda

When Maike and Peter Svanda bought their house on Brandon Crescent in 1991, they had no idea what their landscaping would one day become. What was at one point a 4-foot tree has changed the meaning of Christmas in this area forever. Maike reflects as she says, when we first moved here I wanted to plant a tree for our family and I wanted something to celebrate the upcoming Christmas. Peter adds, we used to decorate it on our own for years and as the tree became too big to decorate, eventually we decided that we needed some help. Flash forward 24 years later and a gorgeous 60-foot blue spruce towers over the Svanda home. Last November, the Svanda children (Oliver, Robert, and Jasmine) decided that this massive tree finally deserved a proper Christmas display, one that they could not achieve on their own. The Svandas hired a Christmas decorating company and the result: approximately 100 strands of twinkling white lights illuminating the 60-foot tree, visible from kilometers away. Although the process was long and pricey, the Svandas say it was worth every single penny. Jasmine states, friends and sometimes even complete strangers stopped by our house last year, a few people even came right up to our front door to tell us how much they loved our tree. Friends, family, and even strangers cannot help but marvel at the tree. In the 12 months the lights have been up, the tree has attracted many admirers. It is safe to say that Christmas in Orillia now has a new must see attraction and it is all because of the Svandas decision to plant a tree 24 years ago.

Pictures of the Svandas blue spruce (the left picture is the tree planted in 1991) (the right picture is the tree in November 2015).

Written By Jasmine Svanda

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