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LETTER: Bring in proportional representation

Prime Minister Trudeau is beginning to show his "Trumpian" side, breaking his promises to implement a fair voting system in the next election, approving pipelines, cancelling refugee programs and failing our native people.

LETTER: Kindness from cop

We always hear about the bad things our police forces do. I wanted to let you know about an OPP officer from the Alliston detachment and his kindness and thoughtfulness. I had just discovered a flat left front tire when this officer drove up and asked if he could help. He called CAA for me and when they didn't answer after several tries he had me p

LETTER: Unusual snow removal methods

For some reason, the plows in Orillia don't lower their blades to the road level. Instead, they leave them about three to four inches above the road pavement. This causes problems with my driving abilities in the slush that is created by the salt they distribute to attempt to melt the snow left on the roads.


LETTER: A changing diversity

Re: “Immigration will change Canadian cities very soon,” column, Feb. 2In a recent column, the author commented on how immigration would soon change Canadian cities and add to Canada’s diversity. Most of the author’s information came from recent Stats Canada projections. The column was good but did not go far enough. The column concentrated on the

LETTER: Time to talk gun control

Last week, I was saddened to read the news of the Quebec City mosque shooting. This week, that sadness has turned to anger.After the massacre at École Polytechnique in 1989, Canada set up a gun registry and designated some weapons as restricted or prohibited. But since then, the gun lobby has managed to persuade politicians to do away with these me

LETTER: Keep compassion coming

In the wake of the tragic events in Québec City, I would like to thank St. Paul’s for opening their sanctuary for a public expression of grief. It was comforting to hear Michael Jones’s soothing tones, Valerie Powell’s heart-felt cry of bewilderment, Mehreen Shahid’s hopeful plea for understanding, bereft of courage and composure, listening was eno

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