Opinion Letters

Letter: Messy situation

I was shocked to learn that city council has purchased several new buses and had councillors ride them for a few days to see for themselves how this mode of transport works for our citizens. Why bother if only about 20% of the stops are cleared of snow?

LETTER: A few questions

In aid of fact-founded reconciliation, perhaps knowledgeable politicians or public/civil servants might give us answers to the following questions.Through municipal, provincial, and federal tax on earnings and assets, or through charitable giving, other fees, and volunteer support, does the average non-aboriginal Canadian or the average aboriginal

LETTER: Canada’s Donald Trump

If Donald Trump indeed does put the brakes on free trade and force big business to return living-wage jobs in his country rather than in overseas sweat shops, he could be the greatest politician of this generation.

LETTER: Let there be lights

One night during the past week, we drove around Orillia to observe the Christmas lights and saw a great many beautifully decorated homes. However, we were disappointed when we drove by our beautiful harbourfront park. It was in complete darkness.

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