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End solitary confinement

Imagine being locked in a small cell only a few feet in length and width. Your belongings have been taken, and all you have left is a thin blanket that rests atop the cold concrete bed frame on which you sleep.

Words of wisdom

As we humans approach our dotage, it becomes more and more important for us to leave some sort of advice to those we leave behind after we have moved on to someplace very nice or very hot. You probably have a fairly good idea where you are going. Myself, I have always been fond of harp music. I better switch to the piano accordion. You may have to

Mayor Steve Clarke

Progress in action

If you haven't been by the recreation facility project site on West Street South in the past few weeks, I encourage you to take a moment to walk, drive or cycle by. Behind the large mounds of soil at the front of the site, construction crews have been hard at work. The phoenix is rising and, finally, it can be seen from West Street.

Are you a true Canadian?

Canada has been a country now for 150 years, although not that many of us were here for the official kick-off in 1867, just a few old vets at the legion. You and I are proud citizens of a great country respected around the world even though The Donald doesn't like us. Actually, that's considered a plus. We know a Canadian pin displayed somewhere on

Know your rights as a tenant

While rental prices in the GTA might be far from the $3,000-a-month average in New York City, there is little doubt that rent for those within an hour's drive of Toronto has been getting out of hand.

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Perception of drug use needs to change

Following the federal government's announcement that approval for supervised drug-injection sites would be made more obtainable, the Sandy Hill Community Health Centre (SHCHC) in Ottawa became one of the first to submit an application. After receiving confirmation provincial funding would be provided earlier this year, the centre is anxiously await

A different kind of hazard

On the first of May, we were watching the Zurich Classic Golf Tournament from New Orleans, or “Nawlins” as we Cajuns call it, and an odd thing happened. Well, it would be considered odd up here, but maybe not down there, where 100 degrees Fahrenheit is considered a little on the chilly side and the long underwear comes out.

National Aboriginal Day a time to celebrate, learn

Each year, Canada acknowledges National Aboriginal Day, known to some as First Nations Day, to recognize and celebrate the indigenous peoples who live in Canada. Approximately 10% of the population in Simcoe County is of aboriginal decent (which is almost double the national average). In this year of Canada’ s sesquicentennial, it is especially imp

Canada Flag

Giving the power back to MPs

Over the past year, I have observed multiple House of Commons committees. This experience has been an incredible privilege, and has given me the opportunity to see Canadian politics in action. I thought, with the House of Commons closing for the summer, that it would be a good time to reflect on how these committees function and the ways they could


Pondering over a pint

I have, in front of me, a 500-ml can of Tyskie beer given to me by a friend who just polished off four of them and is lying facedown on my lawn. Tyskie, by the way, is the No. 1 selling beer in Poland, which all we beer connoisseurs know is brewed by Polish Tyskie Browary Ksiažece. (There is supposed to be squiggly thing underneath the 'a' and the

Emma Quirt is the City of Orillia's cultural event co-ordinator.

Cause for celebration

Growing up in the Sunshine City, I loved attending library programs, watching performances at the Orillia Opera House and taking part in the many summer festivals. I enjoyed Orillia's rich culture so much, I was inspired by it and was fortunate to spend four years in Scotland, learning, volunteering and working in arts and culture.

A case for going postal

When I was 10, I had a light blue piggy bank. I always knew when I put a coin in, I would get it back. I never had to worry about being charged interest or having to pay fees after accidentally signing up for a costly new account. However, for me and most other Canadians, growing up has meant exchanging our piggy banks for real bank accounts. As an

Not the right time

Kicking the beehive, opening a can of worms: these are just some of the metaphors used to describe the potential outcome of statements made last week by Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard.

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