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Signs of being a geezer

Sadly I am convinced that somehow over the past seven decades I have become a geezer. I'm not positive but I do show some signs that suggest I might qualify for geezerdom.

Eighty doesn’t have to be ‘a tragic age’

Alas, my 80th birthday is now history. As we grow older, birthdays seem to come a lot faster — sometimes once a year, even more. I’m sure some older geezers can identify with that. “Life is a big circle!” I always say. One minute your mother is congratulating you for finally shucking your diapers, and the next you’re down at Shoppers trying them on

Alex Nuttall

Partnering with PIE: NUTTALL

This week, the team at PIE Education proudly wraps up its fifth year of delivering backpacks filled with school supplies to youth in our community.

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More than meets the eye in power talks

The idea of importing hydro electricity from Quebec into Ontario is often cited by some environmental groups as a viable clean-energy alternative to the baseload provided by Ontario's nuclear fleet. A good example is the Aug. 19 column in this paper ("What is Brown thinking?") attacking Patrick Brown's rejection of this alternative.

The rewards of writing

It is with a heavy heart that I step away from my regular column with the Packet & Times. I recently accepted a job that will require my undivided attention, making weekly submissions impossible. However, I plan to continue submitting articles on occasion, any chance I get.

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An unusual predicament

A few years ago, I was browsing through 'Toronto Life' and came across an ad for Obsession for Men, Eau de Toilet by Calvin Klein

Patrick Brown

What is Brown thinking?

Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown says it is not in Ontario’s interest to make a power import deal with Quebec. But the PC leader doesn’t have his facts straight. Let’s look at his claims.

Oh, the ways we can grow

Growing up on a small farm outside of Orillia, I learned early on about the importance of being able to grow your own food. My time at Trent University researching sustainable agriculture taught me to think beyond growing food for myself and how to support other local food initiatives in my community.

Digging for deep thoughts

Somehow I ended up on the email list of isha.sadhguru.org. How I got there, I have no idea since there are probably only two or three of us in the United States, Canada, and even beyond, capable of understanding his wisdom.

Free trade a path to peace

Whether you are shopping downtown or at the new Costco, almost all of the products you see available for purchase are affected by Canada’s various free-trade agreements. Economic development in Canada over the past three decades has been significantly shaped by this policy direction of open borders.


Environmental action requires common front

Although I love driving my family's stick-shift car, I know, deep down, it is not socially responsible. It's using fossil fuels that are not only damaging the environment, but, in some cases, going through pipelines that violate the rights of Indigenous people. This is difficult for me to accept.

Some abstract truth about European art

Most Canadians know nothing of the great artists of the Renaissance and the modern era. Why is it common street urchins in European countries can readily recognize the classic red-headed beauties of Titian while dedicated university art students can’t decide which is Butthead and which is Beavis?

Alex Nuttall

Hassle-free trips: NUTTALL

With the summer travel season upon us, I would like to take this opportunity to share some valuable information with residents of Barrie-Springwater-Oro-Medonte which may be of assistance in your future travel planning.

End solitary confinement

Imagine being locked in a small cell only a few feet in length and width. Your belongings have been taken, and all you have left is a thin blanket that rests atop the cold concrete bed frame on which you sleep.

Words of wisdom

As we humans approach our dotage, it becomes more and more important for us to leave some sort of advice to those we leave behind after we have moved on to someplace very nice or very hot. You probably have a fairly good idea where you are going. Myself, I have always been fond of harp music. I better switch to the piano accordion. You may have to

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