Cheap shots for political points

Ralph Cipolla was Orillia's youngest- ever city councillor when he was first elected in 1977. Today, he is serving his second term as a councillor for Ward 2 and while there have been some big gaps in his lengthy tenure of public service, Cipolla is the city's most seasoned politician.

Preserving history

When Donald Porter resurrected the distinctive vertical neon sign after he purchased the former Geneva Theatre a few years ago, it was a little like turning back the clock. It reminded people of a bygone era when the West Street movie house was 'the' place to watch a movie.

LETTER: Thank you for your patience

If you've been a patient in our hospital over the past several weeks, you may have experienced longer than anticipated delays in receiving the care you need, and I want to take this opportunity to let you know we are doing everything we can to make things better.

Zach Hofer, 13, and his dog Lokie brought their Zach Makes Tracks campaign to Kingston city hall on Saturday. The Barrie teen is raising money for and awareness of children's mental health. (Steph Crosier, The Whig-Standard)

Do something positive

Two years ago, when he was 11 years old, Zachary Hofer wrote a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The precocious, blond-haired Barrie boy informed the PM that he intended, in 2017, to walk across the province to raise money to benefit youth mental health issues.

Paving move short sighted

When you own an expensive boat or a large home or a big property, it can be an onerous proposition. Some have rightly said that you don't own those things, they own you; they make constant, insidious and copious demands of your time, energy and financial resources. If you don't invest that time, effort and cash, the value of those expensive assets

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Signs of being a geezer

Sadly I am convinced that somehow over the past seven decades I have become a geezer. I'm not positive but I do show some signs that suggest I might qualify for geezerdom.

Score one for Orillia

Imagine spending $30,000 to reach more than half a million people. Talk about a solid investment. Throw in an estimated $1-million economic impact to the community and it’s like scoring the game-winning goal in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals.

LETTER: Defining a nation

The federal government announced the creation of a new minister, splitting the work associated with Indigenous people into two departments. One will deal with services and the second, with land claims, review of the Indian Act, and similar matters. This split may have some benefit but the creation of a new minister's office and the splitting of a d

LETTER: Housing needs are urgent

As an outreach worker for the Housing Resource Centre, I would like the people of Orillia to be aware just how many people in our city are experiencing homelessness. This includes single men, women, and families.

The joy of reading

These days, you often see parents and their young children crowded around a bright screen -- a smart phone or tablet or television -- viewing videos or looking at photos. It is a shared sensory experience that can be entertaining, educational and enlightening.

Eighty doesn’t have to be ‘a tragic age’

Alas, my 80th birthday is now history. As we grow older, birthdays seem to come a lot faster — sometimes once a year, even more. I’m sure some older geezers can identify with that. “Life is a big circle!” I always say. One minute your mother is congratulating you for finally shucking your diapers, and the next you’re down at Shoppers trying them on

Bureaucracy blues

Bureaucracy at any level is frustrating. It can slow progress, mar development, strangle growth and cause frustration. Sometimes, it can even prove life-threatening.

Letter: You're all stars

On behalf of the Starry Night organizing committee and all the event venues, I’d like to sincerely thank everyone who came out and supported this event.

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