LETTER: Marijuana musings

Been watching wild-eyed activists debate marijuana legalization. TV sparkles with desperate antics of politicians with mission impossible to simultaneously relieve concerned opponents and proponents.

Budget process should not be rushed

At a special budget meeting Tuesday, staff presented councillors with detailed budget documents and provided an overview of the budget, the process leading up to the budget and the process that will be followed over three days of planned meetings during which decisions will be made prior to the budget being approved Nov. 27.

Pete Bowen is shown during the Sunshine Initiative's public forum in this file photo. The group's Citizens' Forum will take place Nov. 25. (PACKET & TIMES FILES)

Letter: Let the sunshine in

There’s no doubt most citizens of Orillia see issues and opportunities facing our city that they wish “somebody” would do “something” about. We’re not unusual. Many ordinary people across the country and around the world are the same in this respect. Some of us never get past that stage, but others get engaged and do something.

Those marathoners are a special lot

I went for a walk one morning, listening to Eric Clapton on a Walkman or whatever you call those little Coby things with earplugs. They are captivating devices because, after a few moments, you forget where you are, where you are going or what you are supposed to be doing; you just listen as the music goes on and on.

Attempting reconciliation

Just as the decommissioned decorative cannons at Couchiching Park are symbols of a militaristic past, a recent push by city council to reorient the offending relics of the past symbolized, to many, a council that had lost its way.

Be proud, Orillia

As a parent, when your child is about to perform in a play or captain the team in its championship game, you almost want to hold your breath. You feel yourself alternately bursting with pride and joy while tamping down that niggling fear that it won't go quite as planned. It's like walking a tightrope over Niagara Falls.

Sing a song of satire

I woke up this morning with 'Start the day with a song and sing it all day long' running through my head.

Symbolic cannon move should be shot down

Being a city councillor is, perhaps, the most intense elected position in the political realm. When you toil in provincial or federal politics, there is a certain level of separation from your constituents. Not so in municipal politics.

Bylaw changes not worth the time, money

Cleanliness, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder -- especially to a homeowner. Some people see a wood stove as a cozy necessity; others believe it turns a home into a smelly fire trap. Some love perfectly manicured gardens on landscaped grounds that resemble a golf course; others prefer a more natural look where wildflowers are allowed to po

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