Hair gel has high viscosity relative to pure water, and extra force (such as that caused by squeezing the bottle) must be applied to get it to flow quickly. Like many materials, it appears solid-like when observed under sufficiently short timescales. Is it a solid or a liquid? (SUBMITTED)

Science in the Making: How solid is solid?

As teachers, we are often asked interesting questions in class. Recently, a student learning about phases of matter asked, “When does a solid stop being a solid? When is it a liquid?”

David Hawke/Special to the Packet & Times This golden-crowned kinglet has perched low enough to actually see the name-sake patch atop its head. Normally quite secretive and busy looking for insects found high up in conifer trees, these small birds might be overlooked on a wintery walk.

Red or yellow kings plentiful

November and March are months that share many similar traits, most notably they are the in-between times that divide one season from another.

Kathryn Kaiser is one of four artists currently featured in a group exhibit called The Happy Show. KATE GRIGG/SPECIAL TO THE PACKET & TIMES

Artist digs deep to get happy

The man at the corner store must have thought it was for her dad, the girlie magazine that six-year-old Kathryn Kaiser bought that day with her birthday money. Parents often sent their kids to the store to fetch things then, some of them even younger than Kathryn. Yet a magazine like that should have been out of her reach, both physically and as an

John Lauener/Submitted The Art of Time Ensemble will present a program Saturday called Hosted by Glenn Gould, as part of this weekend's Gathering event put on by Huronia Cultural Campus.

Gathering for Gould

This Saturday evening, at St. Paul's Centre in Orillia, the Art of Time Ensemble under the direction of Andrew Burashko will provide an Orillia audience with a performance called Hosted by Glenn Gould.

Come in out of the cold and join the Couchiching Conservancy for conservation fun. SUBMITTED

Give the people what they want

I know. It snowed. Some of us are elated, and we love to rub it in the faces of our friends who are displeased. And I know that normally we at The Couchiching Conservancy are telling you to get outside and get into nature and enjoy the beauty of the first snow fall... but today I am not going to do that to you. Today, in the spirit of 'give the peo

David Hawke/Special to the Packet & Times Super-large flocks of blackbirds are filling the skies these days, as grackles and red-winged blackbirds gather together for their southwards migration. Crop damage can add up to millions of dollars in losses when these birds descend on unharvested corn or soy bean fields.

The symphony of birds

As a rule, I don't like being made to look the fool. Yet three times this week, circumstances occurred that had me bamboozled, making me think one thing when in reality, something else was going on.

Barrie's James Halkett Findlay's portrait from his days as a student at university in Guelph.

HISTORY: First Canadian to fall

There was nothing to prepare the men from Simcoe County who were part of the Royal Canadian Regiment for its role in the Second Boer War.

Illustration by Bob Bowles A sketch of the deep rooting collybia mushroom made back in 1980.

Name-changing fun with fungi

The ancient Celts marked the beginning of winter with a festival they called Samhain on Oct. 31. This got changed in the Christian world to Reformation Day by Protestants on Oct. 31, All Saints' Day or All Hallows' Day on Nov. 1, and All Souls' Day or Day of the Dead on Nov. 2 primarily by Roman Catholics.

SUBMITTED Olivia Lloyd on the left as Velma Kelly (dark hair) and Janelle Bartosek as Roxie Hart on the right (blonde hair) will be performing in Chicago, which opens tomorrow.

Production brings the jazz

Mariposa Arts Theatre's production of the hit Broadway musical Chicago opens Nov. 9 at 7:30 p.m. at the Orillia Opera House for the first of eight performances.

SUBMITTED Owner Dean Beers (left), with staff Jessica Wiles (centre), and Wes Bennett (right).

Giving both youths and businesses a leg up

Many youth hunting for a job find themselves in a vicious circle: an employer wants to hire someone with experience, but many are wary of providing a youth with that valuable experience.

Jeremy Mimnagh/Submitted Kate Hilliard, a Toronto-based dance artist.

Homecoming for dancer

Orillia welcomes one of its own home to perform on the St. Paul's Centre stage at Gathering, to be held Nov. 17 and 18.

SUBMITTED Edith Post with her work Peace in the Valley. Post is retiring from art after 60 years of painting.

Local artist to retire

After 60 years, Edith Frances (Frazer) Post has decided it's time to hang up her paintbrush and retire as an artist.

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