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LETTER: Don't shoot

Letter to the editor and open letter to City of Orillia council:

On behalf of the residents of Oro-Medonte Township, I request, please, do not aim your cannon in our direction.

We have no intention of attacking the fine City of Orillia (at least in the foreseeable future). Indeed, we treasure the pleasant relationship we share with your quaint city.

We travel to Orillia on a regular basis to patronize your fine grocery emporiums. We even purchase dry goods and electronics, not to mention alcoholic beverages at those retailers who specialize in such items.

We frequently enjoy the offerings of your quite wonderful opera house.

Soldiers' Memorial Hospital is a reluctant choice for many of us. While we are extremely glad that it is there when we need medical services, we would rather not have to avail ourselves of this expertise.

As for our township, our ski hills and resorts are world-class. We have a cross-country ski and cycle facility, which has been the site of an Olympic event. The Oro World's Fair recently celebrated its 165th birthday. And, unlike Orillia's fairgrounds, our fair is actually located within our municipal boundaries.

While we do patronize eating establishments in Orillia, we also have some fine dining facilities of our own.

We are home to a world -class chocolatier.

We envy your Leacock and Lightfoot connections, but, Oro-Medonte's Burl's Creek has become an internationally recognized site of musical extravaganzas.

The Lake Simcoe Regional Airport is located in Oro-Medonte, and was recently used as an entry port by some of the entertainers featured at Burl's Creek, as well as Casino Rama entertainers, on many occasions.

Our township recently received two Lieutenant Governor's Ontario Heritage Trust awards for our work in the restoration of the Oro African Methodist Episcopal Church. (Busloads of tourists, mainly American survivors of the founders of this church, visit this site on a regular basis throughout the summer months.)

We have a wonderful nature park, the George Langman Sanctuary, which is open to all, and is maintained by the Orillia Fish and Game Conservation Club.

We have several fine golf courses located strategically within our boundaries.

The pristine waters of the Oro Moraine are sourced as a prime supply to a multitude of our homes.

Our farms produce fruit, vegetables, and cattle, and our liquid gold (maple syrup) is prized by consumers.

We are home to the manufacturer of the prized Napoleon brand of barbecues.

In short, while we treasure the relationship we share with your city, we have no intention to annex, or otherwise attach your relatively small acreage to our township. You have nothing to fear from us, therefore no reason to train your ordnance in our direction.

Unfortunately, Mr. Leacock is no longer among us to properly assess this dilemma.

Quite seriously, the care of the now-infamous cannons constitutes a trust. You would do well to consult with the membership of your local legion branch before authorizing any change in their positioning.

Bill Soles

Oro-Medonte Township

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