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Brown promises to hold the “politically corrupt” Wynne Liberals accountable

By Ian McInroy, Barrie Examiner

Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown looks on as the 2017 Ontario budget is announced on April 27. (ERNEST DOROSZUK/POSTMEDIA)

Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown looks on as the 2017 Ontario budget is announced on April 27. (ERNEST DOROSZUK/POSTMEDIA)

TORONTO — Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown detailed his party’s plans to hold the Liberals accountable in advance of the fall legislative sitting, Monday.

The Simcoe North MPP said “life’s harder” with the reigning Liberals running the province.

“After 14 years in power they’ll never change. Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals are only in it for themselves and their insider friends,” Brown said. “With the Legislature back in session, the Ontario PCs look forward to hitting the ground running and holding the government to account.”

Brown said his priorities include stopping Hydro One’s recent application for a $141 per year rate hike, Hydro One’s $7 billion purchase of a foreign dirty coal burning company, and the “secret deal with Quebec for even more power Ontario doesn’t need.”

Brown also highlighted the two ongoing court trials facing the Wynne Liberals, including one which will see Premier Wynne take the stand.

“It really is a sad day that a sitting premier will testify in a trial resulting from police charges,” he said. “Make no mistake. It is Liberal political corruption that’s on trial.”

A spokesperson for the Liberal government did not provide comment about the trials on Monday.

Comments from Barrie MPP Ann Hoggarth were also not available.

Comments from the Wynne government about Brown’s assertion about hydro increases were attributed to the Liberal Caucus Service Bureau.

“Our Fair Hydro Plan provides immediate relief in the short-term by reducing electricity bills by 25% on average for all Ontarians, up to 40-50% if you’re rural or low-income,” the bureau stated. “It then holds rates to inflation for the following four years.”

The bureau’s statement also alluded to the PCs voting against Bill 148, the Liberals’ plan to raise the minimum wage to $14 an hour in January and to $15 in January 2019.

“We want every family to benefit fairly from Ontario’s growing economy, balanced budget, and Canada-leading job growth,” the bureau stated. “That’s why our plan for Fair Workplaces and Better Jobs includes steps to address the concerns of those who worry about falling behind, even as they work so hard to get ahead.”

The next election will be about who will make it easier for Ontario families to make ends meet, Brown said.

“We will continue to work hard every day on behalf of Ontario families so that they can pay less and get ahead.”

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