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LETTER: The moral of the story

Letter to the editor and open letter to mayor and council:

I did not elect you to be my moral compass.

I did elect you with the expectation that you will run my city in an efficient and effective manner.

I expect you to run our water-treatment facility and sewage-treatment plant to current standards to provide clean water from the tap and to protect our environment. I expect you to keep our parks clean and green. I believe you are doing that.

I expect to see a transit system with buses in good repair and routes that serve our population. I expect you to keep our roads plowed in winter and maintained and repaired in summertime. I believe you are working to improve that.

I expect you to control the cost of the recreation centre as we progress from consultants' fees through clean-up to construction. If money comes back to the city through user fees and rentals, then job well done.

What I do not expect is for you to step up as my Big Brother to decide for me what businesses are suitable for my Orillia.

The financial penalties and restrictions that you are levying against the YAP store are simply vexatious and have a ring of self-righteous "We know what is best for you, Orillia."

I walked down the main street last night. The display in the front window of YAP was inoffensive. However, the mannequins in the TNT lingerie store a few doors down were far more scantily clad. Are you going to charge TNT $750? A few months ago, CC Pants had male mannequins in the window clad only in a new line of underwear. Mr. Cipolla, do you have your chequebook handy?

If Orillia is indeed "open for business," then let the customers decide what is suitable. If a business is not welcome, customers will take their dollars elsewhere. The business will fail.

Mayor and council, continue your job of running our city. On most fronts, you are doing well. Just don't presume you have the right to make moral judgments on my behalf.

Norman Sneddon


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