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LETTER: Keep up the fight

Re "Township taking heat," Aug. 17

In reference to Ramara Township council wanting to leave the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA), I fully support Ramara council with this action. We, the township, should not be forced to belong to or have to pay any organization we don't want to be in.

As for LSRCA CAO Mike Walters's position that they are legislated to provide this service, I suggest to our council that we stop paying. I'm sure the LSRCA will find a way to stop providing their services.

Mr. Walters further states the LSRCA is going to go right on providing their service and expecting the township to pay. This is like some gang coming by my house and telling me they are going to pave my driveway, whether I want it done or not, and that I am going to pay for it.

The Packet & Times quotes one councillor, Peter Ferragine, on the LSRCA board, saying whether Ramara council wants it or not, the LSRCA is going to check township building permits. I don't see where Mr. Ferragine gets the idea he or the LSRCA has any right or legal obligation to check our township building permits. This is another level of government oversight we don't want or need as we are already overgoverned.

I strongly support Ramara council's withdrawal from the LSRCA and to resist the tactics of the conservation authority and other municipal councils.

Adrian Kooger

Ramara Township 

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