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LETTER: Budget talks begin

Re: 'Budget talks start on a positive note,' June 15

The last time I read about budget talks, I was hit with a pretty big increase in my property taxes. As a homeowner in Orillia, I am not looking forward to the tax burdens that all these capitol projects are putting on taxpayers. Yes, I like the idea of a recreation complex. Yes, I prefer the idea of an ice rink (or double pad) included in my rec complex (I am a Canadian and a hockey fan, after all).

This article however, seems to give me a little hope. Reading this I foresee a zero, or close to zero, increase in property taxes for the 2018 tax year (I know, wishful thinking).

May I make a suggestion?

The city owns the property that Metro is on right now. The plan, as I see it, is to extend Coldwater Street East to the waterfront. In doing so, you now have a piece of property squared off by Front Street. Coldwater Street East and Mississaga Street West as well as the future waterfont roadway. It's an existing building with parking for up to 100 vehicles and it is centrally located. What an awesome place to put a transit hub.

Just a suggestion.

Andrew Garner


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