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LETTER: Unfair suggestion

Re: "The truth of the matter," letter to the editor, June 15

The unjust inferences continue concerning Mayor Harry Hughes through Allan Baker's letter to the editor. I would like to express a civil, rational opinion that I believe is more the general opinion of the residents of Oro-Medonte.

Baker's letter to the editor seemingly contends there is a lack of honestly and transparency in all elected officials. This is an unfair, all-inclusive suggestion. I believe this to not be true of the present Oro-Medonte council.

If Baker chose to lead by example, he would likely have disclosed that he and Truyens are long-standing members of the politically based group AWARE Simcoe. Their members are prominent in groups that seemingly work to discredit those holding elected offices to cause turnovers on council. Support, of course, would likely be there for candidates of the same political lean.

Is it possible that Baker was among the Save Oro picketers against Burl's Creek as well as among the group that "marched" on Mayor Hughes's home late at night to further the protest? If true, then transparency and honesty would show his prejudice against Mayor Hughes in writing his letter.

The court ruled that Hughes's claims of Truyens's defamation when hiding behind a fictitious name to cyberbully the mayor and his family had "substantial merit." Additionally, the court ruled that Truyens had "no valid defence" to the defamatory comments. Truyens's failed anti-SLAPP attempt to have the case dismissed in a heavily backlogged court system caused a long delay.

Please note that had Truyens not settled after the failed attempt, they would have been both cross-examined under oath.

Sadly, we all know the tragic consequences of cyberbullying. To permit it is to promote it.

Is Baker's letter a thinly veiled attempt of yet another example of "accusation without any real evidence," and furthermore, does it condone cyberbullying? Might the true cause of Baker's seeming quest for the truth be that Mayor Hughes had the courage to challenge AWARE and hold its members accountable?

Baker could best effect the change he advocates by running for elected office. Ideally, he might run for mayor of Oro-Medonte! Doing so would require the courage and tenacity of the incumbent, who could, like a former long-standing mayor to the south, be aptly dubbed "Hurricane Harry."

The truth of the matter is, as I understand it, Mayor Hughes suspected a possible conflict of interest, acted ethically and sought a legal opinion confirmed the reality.

Ron Doyle

Oro-Medonte Township

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