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LETTER: A Leacockian proposal

In the early 1900s, a renowned economist and humorist wrote a book describing the supposed activities and places in any small Canadian town. A summer resident of Orillia and also a professor at McGill University, he named his fictional town "Mariposa."
Although denied, the people and places he described were actually the folks and places in Orillia, given fictional names.
So, in fact, Stephen Leacock gave us the name "Mariposa," which we have come to use as a colourful, happy nickname for our town.
Mariposa: The name is magical and causes one to dream of an ideal lifestyle - where people want to gather, where life is satisfying and fun - a sort of personal paradise.
The "default" name for Orillia is and should be "Mariposa."
I suggest that the name for our new recreation centre be "Mariposa Place." Say it. "Mariposa Place" - easy to say and remember, identifies location, is historic, is suggestive of well-being and "brands" the product and desire to sell our city.
Let's meet at Mariposa Place sometime.
Ken Hammond

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