Orillia artist’s new show runs until May 13


Aiden Alderson working on her latest piece for her show at Lee Contemporary Art Gallery. SUBMITTED

Aiden Alderson working on her latest piece for her show at Lee Contemporary Art Gallery. SUBMITTED

In a quaint little house, on a quiet little street, an artist works well into the night.

It sounds like the opening scene of a movie, but no. This is real life, here in Orillia.

The artist is Aiden Alderson: a 15-year-old girl who is working diligently to finish her latest piece in time for her upcoming show at Lee Contemporary Art Gallery.

Tanya Cunnington, gallery owner and accomplished artist, speaks very highly of Alderson and her work.

"I am very excited to see what Aiden has been working on this past year. I know that this exhibition is a concept exhibition, which means that all the featured work will be based around a single idea or theme. Creating concept shows is very ambitious. I think that it is this ambition that drew me to Aiden's work in the first place."

"In Novous, Aiden's first exhibition with me, her work seemed so fearless. Not only did she use completely different palettes and colour combinations for each piece, but she also utilized different mediums such as acrylic paint, Copic markers, canvas and even re-worked prints on metal. I think that this ambition and fearlessness can be directly attributed to her age. Looking at Aiden's paintings, I can see that she is experimenting and pushing herself creatively with each one."

Alderson feels the same. Since last year, her work appears to be more mature.

"I put more thought into what I paint now. Each stroke is planned and deliberate. This show has pushed me to improve personally, highlight my style and refine my techniques," says Alderson.

"I hope that when someone looks at my art, I am able to communicate some message, some dialogue that speaks to the viewer. I want each piece appreciated for the the work that it is, not solely because it was painted by a young person. My show Wish explores the idea of individual wishes, that collectively create a feeling of longing. It has been a year-long creative process and I am quite proud of the end result."

Aiden Alderson returns to Lee Contemporary Art with her second solo exhibition entitled Wish, running until May 13.

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