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Early education centre to host rain barrel fundraiser

By Patrick Bales, The Orillia Packet & Times

Rain barrel

Rain barrel

Some of Orillia’s youngest citizens are hoping to make the city’s residents more environmentally friendly.


The West Ridge Early Education Centre is partnering with to host a fundraiser sale of the water collectors. announced the West Ridge Early Education Centre as one of the dozens of community groups selling barrels in 2017 as a fundraising initiative in a news release surrounding World Water Day, which takes place Wednesday.

The money raised during the fundraiser will be split between the education centre and

“We’re wanting to live in a green community,” said Derek Dean, chair of the West Ridge Early Education Centre. “It also helps with the kids, showing that everybody should be green going forward.”

During the campaign, the children at the education centre will learn about being environmentally friendly and responsible.

“We just want to embed in them to make the right decisions about being green,” Dean said. “We live in a time where there’s a lot of waste. It’s better to teach the people of tomorrow.”

It is also hoped those people of tomorrow can help instil better behaviours in their parents today by sharing what they’ve learned about being better stewards of the environment.

Dean referred to the threes Rs: recycle, reduce and reuse. A rain barrel does all of those things.

Rain barrels collect water that falls and stores it for future use in gardens, as well as for watering lawns, shrubs and trees. Homeowners with rain barrels can disconnect their downspouts from the sewer systems, resulting in redirection of overflow to permeable ground surfaces that filter and absorb the water, helping to ensure a cleaner and replenished water supply, a news release stated. takes food-grade barrels and repurposes them as rain barrels. What once transported fruits and vegetables now offers years of reliable service as rain barrels.

The company also co-ordinates the truckload sales community groups, such as the West Ridge Early Education Centre, use to raise money. Dean is hopeful the centre can sell out the entire truck.

Rain barrels can be ordered in advance of the May 6 sale, but the online store is not open yet. Keep checking for more information.

In 1993, the United Nations designated March 22 as World Water Day. Each year, critical water issues are highlighted. For 2017, the theme of World Water Day is wastewater and how to reduce and reuse it.

According to the UN, some 663 million people around the world do not have adequate access to clean water, including in Canada, where many remote First Nations communities struggle with the issue daily. 

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