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Grants committee adds one

Pat Hehn

Pat Hehn

Coun. Pat Hehn is joining the city’s grants committee.

Mayor Steve Clarke called for the addition of another member to the committee to make it easier for committee members to have non-official discussions about official committee business.

“What was in place was a council committee that was too small,” Clarke said. “We had three members and that means any time you have an informal conversation with two members – which is hard not to have – it actually could be contravening rules of quorum.”

By adding a fourth member, those “sidebar” conversations could take place, with Clarke suggesting it could make the committee more productive. As well, if there’s a conflict of interest or a member absence, the meeting could still proceed with an odd number of members to ensure a majority vote. 

Three names were put forward by the mayor in his search, with Hehn ultimately agreeing to the role.

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