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LETTER: Canada’s Donald Trump

If Donald Trump indeed does put the brakes on free trade and force big business to return living-wage jobs in his country rather than in overseas sweat shops, he could be the greatest politician of this generation.
Free trade has always been about massive profit by big business at the expense of the working class and the poor. Profit for the powerful at the expense of the powerless. Basically, free trade is organized crime aided and abetted by those in government elected to serve.
Canadians need to look for our version of Donald Trump in coming elections. That would be politicians who return living-wage jobs to our country. Jobs are the key to the majority of our economic woes. And just as importantly, these jobs are hope. Hope for our youth by providing living-wage jobs for all who want to work and support themselves and their families.
Jobs are a right, not gifts to be given only as those in power see fit. The role of government and big business in our economy is to create living-wage jobs so working people, in turn, can spend and keep our economy healthy. It would seem the powerful knowingly choose to ignore their role in our economy. It is time we let them know that must change.
Rick Lockman

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