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LETTER: Great temporary solution

Jim Paterson of the Trans Canada Trail Organization appeared before Ramara council on Nov. 28.

He indicated that approximately 90% of the Trans Canada trail is complete and the push is on to finish the trail by July of next year to coincide with the 150th anniversary. He also stated that a significant cap, 24km, exists in Ramara.

The missing trail link is along Rama Road and County Road 169.

The lack of this link is really not the fault of Ramara council but is the result of the County Simcoe's Road Department refusal to accept, for the last 15 years, that in some parts of the county roads have to serve pedestrians and bicyclers and not only trucks and cars. The 32 county councillors are also partly responsible as they, at any time, could have changed the department's policies.

Mr. Paterson proposed an excellent solution to council to avoid the embarrassment of not completing the trail by next July.

His proposal is to establish a temporary "water route" from Fern Resort Road to Washago.

Such "water routes" are used in the northern Ontario sections.

This would satisfy the appearance of a completed trail route for next year without a great cost and would give the elected council members time to work on future Rama Road improvements.

Konrad Brenner


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