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LETTER: The emperor has no clothes

Re: "Driving frustration," Nov. 24

Ministry of Transportation spokesperson Astrid Poei's comments on Hwy 11 roadwork qualify for quote of the week.

"Just because you see no work doesn't mean that progress isn't being made," said Poei.

Or do you prefer, "The work requires deep excavation."?

Surely, she has been taking Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale as a basis for her progress report on a $6.2 million project.

The Emperor Has No Clothes comes to mind.

The fast-talking transient tailors peddling non-existent garments of special cloth for the empire's wealth. Only fools, infidels and a child could see him in his birthday suit while loyal followers surely saw the tailors' fine product.

Commuters like Mr. Cole who passes by each day for a week or more without seeing the product must be scratching their heads, after all, the crown's representative has spoken.

Paul Thompson


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