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LETTER: More of a team effort

Re: "Councillor calls for Hehn's ouster," Oct. 5

If Councillor Ainsworth had concerns about another councillor, there were appropriate channels that he could have pursued, starting with speaking to the individual and if not happy, then filing a complaint rather than testing the waters by going to the press.

He decided to raise his concerns publicly, and tried putting through a special motion at a council meeting rather than putting the motion through properly.

These current antics are attempting to undermine the reputation of a senior councillor and seems to be a power play by Coun. Ainsworth for a new chair which started with the mistake of extending Mr. Fraracci's term on the Police Services Board.

Perhaps a reconsideration of that original motion might remind Mr. Fraracci and Coun. Ainsworth that there are rules in place for a reason and they should be respected and adhered to.

I do not support the current direction of a few on council.

I find that they have done little to support the progress of the city (and have not voted to support progressive issues) and are spending too much time attempting to erode the reputation of the other six councillors on council who have done the majority of the heavy lifting.

I would like to see more of a team effort moving forward where opinions are limited to policy discussion only (not personal agendas) and where all nine members focus on moving the city forward in the best way possible.

I would consider this would be taxpayer dollars well spent.

Some are detracting from valuable time that the council needs to accomplish their goals.

R. Kendall


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