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Letter: Rookie moves

It appears that some of the rookie councillors are following some of the past members of the last council who were dubbed the “fab four.” The fab four were almost always on the opposite side of most issues.


The present rookies express their desire in their minds to have balance on committees. Otherwise, they presume there is ‘us and them.’ Mayor Clarke challenged this balance statement and warned that making these comments are counterproductive.

My personal observation is that some of the rookies need to listen more carefully to the advice of seasoned politicians who have more expertise and sensibility. They have walked the walk. The old expression goes, “Until you have walked in my moccasins, you won’t know the way.”

Sometimes, like hockey players, rookies must prove themselves and never play for their own egos. Always remember there is no “I” in “team.” Some rookies need to provide more substance instead of showmanship, and the public is not impressed by perceived dissension.

If the fab four, or three, scenario continues, they will surely face the same demise of their predecessors.

It is rumoured that one councillor is taking a page out of the Harry Potter epic and maybe writing a book titled The Secrets of the Orillia Council Chamber, with the title page “Secret Meetings within the Dark Confines of the Chamber.” Another wants more info given back to an ex-member of a committee who resigned because of fantasy secret meetings.

Donald E. Archer


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