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McDonalds back in Orillia tomorrow night

By Sara Carson, Orillia Packet & Times

Stuck halfway across the world for over a week, Ken (Jiggs) and Marilyn McDonald will soon make contact with Canadian soil once again.

The Orillia couple will be flying out of Hong Kong on Wednesday at 4:20 p.m. (HKT) after finding a way out of the conflict in Thailand, said the McDonalds' daughter, Susan DeSimone.

The Air Canada flight is due to arrive in Toronto on Wednesday at 6:05 p.m. (EST). The McDonalds are expected to be in Orillia several hours after landing.

"I'm thrilled that they are headed back, that they are safe and sound," DeSimone said.

DeSimone said she believes the Bangkok International Airport will be able to reopen shortly.

"I am also thrilled that more people are going to be able to get out of Bangkok and the crisis there at the airport seems to be ending," she said. "I just hope it ends soon for everyone involved."

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