SUBMITTED PHOTO Not so long ago, most outdoor advertising signs were hand-painted.

Signs of the times

Signs help us find our way around; they inform us, annoy us, decorate and pollute the landscape. They are so ubiquitous, we often don't pay any attent

DAVID HAWKE/SPECIAL TO THE PACKET & TIMES When a sharp-shinned hawk shows up at your bird feeder, feathers are going to fly. These jay-sized hawks love to dine on chickadees and mourning doves, two species that are often drawn to the free food at your feeder.

Survival is a wild game

Predators. You know all about them, don't you? They're sly, wily and strong. They're cunning, fast and heartless. Others die so they may live. Predato

Trails safer without e-bikes

In the late 1990s, people in Orillia were asked to donate money to a legacy project to mark the new millennium as the calendar flipped to the...

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