Toby Smit/Submitted Finding this pair of shed antlers is a rarity, as usually only one is found. After the deer shakes them loose in January, the cast-off antlers are often eaten by porcupines or carried away by coyote as chew toys.

The buck drops here

The elderly couple I met on the trail, they going out while I was going in, paused to share an observation with me.


Open police meeting Tuesday

While it might not exactly be a Mardi Gras party, the city's Police Services Board hopes members of the public have time next Tuesday to attend a spec

We commonly use salt during winter time to melt snow. But we could use many other options. The caveat may be the lowest temperature they are effective at. SUBMITTED

Reconsider the salty solution

You've probably had your fair share of shoveling this winter. Chances are, you've also sprinkled quite a bit of salt around your house. About a month

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