LETTER: Crosswalk craziness

What is up with the crosswalk situation in Orillia? I nearly got run over at the crosswalk at the hospital recently, and the surprising thing is that

David Hawke/Special to the Packet & Times A visit to a bee yard proves to be both exciting and educational. Beekeeper Lea Jorgensen is seen working with her 'ladies' as she prepares to bring home another load of sweet reward.

Business is sweet

I've heard it's never too late to learn something new, so when an invitation came along to visit a bee yard, there was no passing by this opportunity.

DAVID HAWKE/SPECIAL TO THE PACKET & TIMES By 2071, the eastern white pine may not be able to survive in our area due to climate change.

Planning for the inevitable

I'm one of those nerds who pay attention to the in-flight safety demonstration and read the safety sheet in the seat-front pocket. I go one step furth

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